For 10 years we have been specializing in manufacturing products of wood - houses for kids, tool sheds, kennels, pigeon houses and many others manufactured from start to finish by hand which correspond to the specific requirements of our customers. The company has been on the Polish and European market for several years now. The company owner as well as employees have wide experience in the field of construction and carpentry.                                                                                         Our watchword is always individual approach to each and every customer as well as their needs.                                                       Due to proper organization of work we are the sole producer of this type of assortment in Poland!                                                  The majority of production is focused on garden houses for kids and kennels. However, we still increase the product range which moves with the times and corresponds to the demand of our customers. All of our products are made from highest quality materials – provided by reputable producers. The materials guarantee aesthetics, functionality as well as stability.             Some of our products are sent for export. The main consignee of our products is Italy.
The consignees of ours are warehouses, shops and private individuals. The majority of our products are sold mainly in the region and within the whole territory of Poland.                                                                                                                                            Our company’s offer is wide and it increases along with individual orders and specific requirements of our customers. If you give the place where a particular product has to be delivered, we will give you the cost of dispatch.

Currently you can find in our offer:
Kennels – insulated, impregnated with the colour chosen by a client.
Garden houses – according to individual design and dimensions.
Pigeon houses – self-assembly with instruction sheet.
Houses for kids – wood houses made by hand.

In the interest of model customer service we have transport services at our disposal within the whole territory of Poland.

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