Pigeon Houses

Dovecote is home for pigeons, which it spends almost all his life. Professional breeders know how important a well-made dovecote is, which provides safety and comfort staying in it. The basic material for the loft is board 15mm thick. We can use thicker materials according to client’s request. Dovecote is supplied in whole or prepared for self-assembly. Professionally painted with safe, odourless and certified agents. At the customer’s request all the material is impregnated.
We produce according to our projects or individual client’s idea.

All the material is prepared in such a way that two people can unload it with no problem.
Structures and boards are packed and secured and clearly labelled.

We strive to make our products look nice and fulfill its function
and characterized by high durability. We do not equip the dovecotes.The cost of shipping is determined individually after the administration of the village.
If you have questions, please contact us by phone or email.
Transportation for the entire country and the EU.

When buying a loft, each client receives all the necessary documents for filing + instructions on how to do this.
Feasibility of every dimension, and thickness of the boards of the structure.
We also perform dovecotes on individual request.