Classic kennels

A kennel with one room is insulated from all 6 sides. It is made of milled boards (outside and inside the kennel). It is impregnated with unscented paint. The covering with asphalt rool roofing  or decorative shingle. Inside the main room there is a suspended ceiling in order to have the same height.
On order we make a wall which can be taken down in order to clean it easily or have access to puppies (available at extra cost).
It is painted with lacquer or wood stain in order to get as nice look as possible.
It is possible to make a kennel no matter what dimension and colour it is. Short realization time.
If you give the place where a particular product has to be delivered, we will give you the price.
Transport within the whole territory of Poland and the European Union.


405040500 PLN
607050600 PLN
808060650 PLN
909070700 PLN
9011080750 PLN
10011080800 PLN
10012080900 PLN
110130801000 PLN
entrance cover1pcswith assembly80 PLN
pull wall1pcswith assembly80 PLN