Farrowing pens

Folding pen for bitches and their puppies, age 3-4 weeks. Buffers make it impossible to crush a puppy against the wall of the pen. The product is made of 15mm boards.
According to client’s wish we can make any size, colour and use thicker materials.
Product is delivered already assembled or for self-assembly, painted with professional and safe agent.

Standard sizes:
Length 150cm/width 100cm/height 25cm        Price  299 PLN        Free shipping

Transport within the whole territory of Poland and the European Union.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone or via e-mail.


DługośćSzerokość WysokośćCena
150 cm100cm25cm350 PLN wysyłka gratis
200cm150cm30cm450 PLN wysyłka gratis