Garden houses

… solid, stylish and functional…

If you are looking for solid and professionally manufactured garden houses at a good price, please see our offer in more details. The garden houses are an aesthetic and practical solution to your garden. They can be a great resting place at a allotment all year round. Our garden houses are manufactured bodily or prepared to self-assembly.
A professional and detailed instruction sheet is given by ordering any garden house. Due to it, the assembly will be easy and pleasant. Putting a garden house together on your own will give you great satisfaction. Constructions as well as all boards are of dry materials.
Garden houses have a frame construction which ensures even bigger stability of theirs as well as gives possibility of insulating. If you have an idea, please do not hesitate to call or write to us – we will prepare a design of a house according to your individual ideas. We make every effort to make our products look good, which fulfill a function and so that they are characterized by their stability. The equipment to pigeon houses is not provided by our company.
In case of any problems during assembly we offer professional help over the phone.
If you give the place where a particular product has to be delivered, we will give you the price.

Transport or dispatch within the whole territory of Poland and the European Union.